Types Of Agency Agreements

Date: 21st Jul 2020

Choosing the right type for you

You are free to choose which real estate company (agency) you would like to use to sell your property. There are two types of agency agreements you can consider – a sole agency generally referred to as an exclusive listing or a general agency commonly known as a general listing.


Sole agency agreement (exclusive listing)

If you choose to list with one agency then they have the exclusive right to market and sell your property.

If you sign a sole agency agreement, don’t sign an agreement with another agency as you may have to pay both agencies a commission.

The benefits of listing your property with a sole agency.

  • If you sign a sole agency agreement, your sales consultant is motivated to work harder for you as they are not competing with other companies to sell your property.


General agency agreement (general listing)

If you would like more than one real estate company to market your property at the same time, sign general agency agreements with each company.

If you sign a general agency agreement you only pay commission to the company that sells your property.