What is the Tremains Community Trust?

The Tremains Community Trust is a registered charity for the purposes of financially aiding individuals that are in need of assistance. Whether it is some respite from caring for a family member, or a donation for desperately needed essentials, it is designed to ease the burden for those who don't normally put their hand out in our community and make a difference in their lives.

Some examples of circumstances where you could nominate someone for the Tremains Community Trust:

  • Grocery or petrol vouchers for a single parent or carer.
  • Utility or Household cost.
  • School / Education expenses, not funded by WINZ or MOE.
  • Assistance with health costs, not funded by WINZ or MOH.

If you know of anyone who is in need of financial assistance, whether it be a friend, a family member, a neighbour or someone in your community, please feel free to put their name forward, however, please note that nominations will open towards the end of the year.

Download Application Form Here