The market doesn’t stop for winter

As we hit mid-winter we must all continue to acknowledge what a beautiful place we live in. How good has our weather been? The odd crisp, cool morning is normally followed by a stunning Bay day. Keep spreading the word, as like everywhere, we compete for people to live in our region.

The Overseas Investment Office has approved 30 ‘transitional’ exemptions allowing hundreds of foreign buyers to buy and live in large apartment developments. “Mr Marta Steeman said the transitional exemption permits developers of existing large residential developments who had started selling the residences before August 22, 2018 to continue to sell to overseas people”. Overseas buyers can still purchase apartments in large developments. Under a different exemption, the developer may sell up to 60 per cent of the apartments to foreign investors who are not allowed to live in them, but they do not have to on sell them and can rent them.

While there is upward pressure on price and there are unsatisfied buyers, winter is often a great time to put your property on the market, as there are fewer properties to compete with. Our sales consultants host open homes each weekend and they tell us there are a lot of buyers still out there looking for their new home, having either just entered the market or recently missed out on properties. Our team are fully equipped with the very best opportunities, the widest buyer pool on offer.

Selecting a real estate company to market your property is sometimes a difficult decision. Some companies are discounters and some overestimate and under deliver. The key is: Don’t select the discounters as they may not protect your price if they are unable to protect their fee: don’t select those who promise the world – nothing delivered will ever seem realistic.
Instead choose a proven company proud of its people and proud of a reputation of putting something back into the Bay. A company where negotiating you the best possible price in the shortest possible time is our focus and goal and no fee is payable until this is achieved.

For an in-depth, free assessment of where your property may sit in today’s market, call your preferred Tremains sales consultant. They will be only too pleased to assist you with any of your real estate needs.

Stu Christensen, Sales Manager – Central Region

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