Summer season selling tips

One of the busiest periods in the real estate calendar is upon us already. Normally, once the last BBQ of Waitangi Day is done and the kids are back at school, the property market kicks into full swing. However, this year is different, due to a late spring surge the Tauranga property market didn’t have a holiday break.

If you’re thinking of selling this summer, now is the time to get started on your plan of attack. Here are five things to start doing now to get you ready for your first open home faster.

  1. Street appeal.

    Were water blasting and gutter cleaning on your to do list for over the holidays, but didn’t make the cut? It’s easy to enhance the street appeal of your home with a few tasks. Touching up any paint that needs freshening, planting some colour in the garden and keeping up with the mowing can also work wonders for both your marketing photos and to give the best first impression when people pass by or come to the open home.

  2. Interior appeal.

    While you love your possessions and interior furnishings, not everyone may share your taste. Enlist a neighbour, work colleague or friend to visit and give you their honest opinion on what needs tidying up, decluttering or changing so that a new buyer can envisage themselves in the home, rather than dwelling on your presence.

  3. Take a deeper look.

    If you don’t want any surprises later down the track when potential purchasers request a building inspection, think about paying for your own first to pre-empt any issues. This will give you a realistic view of structural components and any issues that could be off-putting to buyers.

  4. Prioritise any spend.

    If the building report throws up any work that needs to be done, you now have all the information to prioritise any repairs that will enhance your sales price. And once you’ve had some objective feedback on how your home appears to people who don’t live there, you may also like to think about styling your home (your agent can help with that) or renting short term storage to house any clutter. If you’re keen to do any quick renovations to add value, kitchen and bathroom improvements tend to provide the best returns – but do ask the advice of a professional first so you don’t overspend.

  5. Call us for an appraisal.

    Now that the hard work has been done, call us for an appraisal of your home. Among other things, we’ll look at recent data and trends in the area, anecdotal feedback from buyers and give you a realistic market value of your home. We can also talk to you about marketing ideas and take you through the next steps of listing your home for sale.

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