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Lisa Burn

Lisa Burn

Sales Consultant
You already know that selling or buying your home can be stressful.
What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be.
What if I told you I can make it easy for you.
What if you knew you can secure the absolute best price for your home?
Would you feel more comfortable?
I’m Lisa, and I do things around here a bit differently.
You won’t always see my cheeky side (although my friends may disagree there), but
what you will see is solid negotiation skills, coming from years in business. You will also
see someone you can totally trust, and, I don’t say that lightly.
The truth is I’m great at selling real estate.
And that’s super important for you to know.
I’m also great at supporting you to get what you want.
Because, hey, that’s why you engage with an agent you like and trust, right!
It’s that simple!
I’m ready when you are.

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