Putting back into the community

It’s that time of the year when it just takes a bit more energy to rise out of bed! My daughter is off tramping for her Duke of Edinburgh Award this weekend and my wife was checking the weather  utlook. It’s 24 degrees later in the week? Oops, no that’s in Fiji!

So what is cooking as we head into the winter months? There still seems to be some major heat in the Hawke’s Bay market with buyer numbers still out in force. The volume of sales remain good locally, but with the tap turned off in Auckland and other markets such as Tauranga coming back in price, you would have to think that Hawke’s Bay will follow the trend. The good news for the market is record low interest rates look like they will only go lower and with nett migration still strong and an excellent jobs market, there are no panic buttons going off anywhere. If you are thinking of selling why not ensure you still experience the high’s of multiple buyers viewing and competing for your property. Our team are ready to help today.

At Tremains we have recently launched into the new regions of Taupo, Rotorua and Tauranga and this golden stretch of regional New Zealand has been a key drawcard for buyer movements. It’s quite amazing that the recent median prices can vary so much with Tauranga at $680,000, Rotorua at $450,000, Taupo at $485,000 and Hawke’s Bay now sitting on $490,000. As I always maintain, the further south you move the greater value for your dollar with Hawke’s Bay still remaining very affordable.

We are all about genuinely putting back into the community with substantial recent donations made to the Hastings Sports Park with their recent addition of an indoor stadium and future accommodation buildings, and in recent months we became one of the original patron donors to the Cape Coast Arts and Heritage Trust. They have their fundraising dinner set for Thursday 23rd of May, so please ensure if you live on the Cape Coast you can support by purchasing a ticket to support this event which will benefit the wider community.

Looking forward to junior rugby and netball starting this weekend for our kids so we will be all go as we kick off the season at a range of venues around the Bay. It is sure to be cool, but remember the bad weather doesn’t last for long in this ‘piece of paradise’ of regional New Zealand.

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