Our strength is our team

Wow what a week in NZ sport with the Netballers getting one back for the good guys against both the POMES and the Aussies. What a great game it was with the Silver Ferns showing amazing strength in those final few minutes to hang on and land those critical goals. My new favourite has to be the young Goal Shoot Ameliaranne Eskenasio, who landed everything under severe pressure!

I have had a great break watching our cricketers perform miracles and then catching a bit of sun in the Islands with the family. I missed the final which still brings pain to my insides but what a game. Breaks are essential and a bit of sun in the winter is the perfect recipe to come flying back into the last half of the year.

The June month returned a very low 210 volume of sales for the entire Hawke’s Bay market which might have caused a few tremors around the region. One month is no need to raise the alarm and we need to realise we are in the heart of winter.

July will also be a low number for sales volume in the region but we still have plenty of buyers and a shortage of properties to sell. Spring will be the ultimate litmus test to see if the market has found its level or if there is still room to go again.

Tremain’s once again was dominant in the tighter market with our market share continuing to rise against all our competitors. Our strength is the quality of our team, not the quality of one individual. The market is a big place and exposure to multiple buyers is essential in achieving the best price in the best timeframe.

The New Zealand market is still desperately short of housing. The Kiwibank economists made statements last week that the country is now 130,000 homes short and even with record building consent numbers this will balloon out to 150,000. Our population growth continues to outstrip building supply and this added to our chronic emergency housing issues will keep the pressure on the real estate market. Interest rates are the other key factor with the world economy ensuring that these will stay low for a very long time.

That’s me – back in the saddle and in the Bay. If you would ever like some property advice, please feel to call me direct. Enjoy your week.

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