HB Continues Its Reign As Region Of Choice For Those Relocating

HB Continues Its Reign As Region Of Choice For Those Relocating

Hawke’s Bay is on fire, and that fire keeps gathering more fuel as other regions closer to Auckland stumble with infrastructure issues.  There is no doubt that the positioning of our two cities has been an issue for strategic alliance and a combined marketing approach of our region, but our layout is proving to be a master stroke as people continue moving in to live in our amazing province.  We do have room to grow but it is critical our cities’ leaders keep pushing through the larger infrastructure projects.  Both cities have so much to offer to the growth of our region with key aspects allowing visitors to enjoy the facilities on both sides of the Tutaekuri River.

We recently held our annual awards evening with more than 250 people at the Napier War Memorial Centre – and what a fantastic waterfront venue it presented.  Last year we were at the Hawke’s Bay Opera House – it has been great to see recent articles reporting the progress being made with 80 tonnes of steel being hoisted into the building to construct a permanent, weatherproof roof during the next eight to ten weeks.  Renovations are due to be completed by the end of the year, when the heritage building will re-open for use as a multi-purpose, all-weather events venue.

The real estate market continues to break new ground with new price levels achieved each month due to huge buyer demand.  It is a great time for selling property if you plan to upsize, downsize or put some money away but whatever you do, make sure you maintain a position in the property market for your family.  How long this will continue is unknown, but for now I cannot see any let-up in buyer demand with new people introducing more new people into the Bay, New Zealand’s best-kept secret.  Who could not enjoy our recent spell of Autumn weather with the NZ Herald’s lead article proclaiming, “Autumn temperatures shoot up to 32 degrees in Hawke’s Bay and tomorrow could be hotter.”  As one new convert I met recently said to me, “I have never experienced such consistent weather in any region of New Zealand.  When it rains, it sets in for a day or two but then clears up again with another beautiful run of sun.”

On the Tremains front we continue to consistently go about our business with the best people in the industry ensuring we give our vendors the very best opportunity to achieve maximum price.  We work the same way in the community, quietly getting involved with as many people as we can and adding as much value as possible.

On the home front we are busy raising four beautiful children and ensuring that they have the skills and standards to become great citizens, hopefully one day settling in the Bay to bring up their own families. Teenage years for two of our kids already – which, as we all know, brings its challenges.

Great occasion at the Hurricanes last Friday with local lads Evans and West contributing to a superb comeback and victory.  Packing out the park was essential to helping Napier City Council put McLean Park back on the map for both cricket and rugby – well done, everyone.

Enjoy your week.

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