Tremains Triathlon

The Tremains Triathlon is the largest multi-sport team event in Hawke’s Bay.

The Tremains Triathlon is back for 2019, and is a calendar favourite for Summer.

Organised in partnership with Triathlon Hawke’s Bay , all funds raised are distributed back into the community via this organisation. 

Whilst the event is competitive, it is also a lot of fun and largely about groups of co-workers, friends and families challenging themselves in the triathlon and enjoying each other's company. Everyone above the age of 12 years old is welcome to participate. 

 2019 Tremains Triathlon will be held on Sunday 10th March. 

Registrations for the 2019 triathlon will be here.

We were excited to announce a new course for 2018, which included a different cycle, run and finishing area.  

Tremain’s Triathlon Photo Gallery

Thank you to our sponsors for their support of this event.

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