Cardboard Cut-Out Ensures Boss Present

Cardboard Cut-Out Ensures Boss Present

The man who led the sponsorship charge for this year’s Tremain Art Deco Weekend, Simon Tremain, is likely to come across a few examples of the historic and colourful architecture where he is, although he is unlikely to be spotted.

Because he and his wife are enjoying a family holiday and at this point in time are in Argentina – where there are some old buildings with the Art Deco influence but nothing as colourful or centralised as Napier.

“But he is here … sort of,” Tremains sales manager Stu Christensen said as he ensured Mr Tremain had a good spot at an Art Deco lunch the Napier and Taradale real estate teams enjoyed at the Emporium in Napier yesterday.

Although Mr Tremain was not saying a lot at the swish soiree, and preferred to stand.

“His heart is really in the whole Art Deco Weekend thing and of course it has been a major investment for him,” Tremains communications and sponsorship manager Trish Scott said.

“So we had to make sure he was part of it,” she added as she admired the dapper Mr Tremain, looking as splendid as a life-size cardboard cut-out could look.

“We will be taking Simon to as many events as we can, although getting him around in a vintage car could be a bit tricky because he won’t fit in one.”

Sitting on the picnic rug for Sunday’s Gatsby Picnic will also be an issue, as he can’t sit down.

“But he will be there, standing, of course,” Mr Christensen said.

He added that as his boss’s pedestrian chauffeur he would ensure Mr Tremain became involved in some “interesting” situations.

“The best thing about it is that he doesn’t know anything about it,” Ms Scott said with a smile.

“But he’ll find out because we’ll put a few pictures on the website.”

But nothing too embarrassing?

“Oh absolutely,” Mr Christensen said, to which one of the lunching staff, who were all wonderfully attired in Art Deco’s finest threads, said “and he’s paying for all this, of course, although he doesn’t actually know that either”.

The Tremain team, like many Napier and Hastings firms and businesses, has embraced the great weekend by staging a special occasion get-together to celebrate it.

Source: Hawke’s Bay Today, Thursday Feb 20, 2014 

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