21 years of Tremains Corporate Triathlon

21 years of Tremains Corporate Triathlon

With the Tremains Corporate Triathlon is just around the corner, Colin Stone, Glen Yule, and Chris Tremain will be dusting off their sneakers, pulling out the speedos, and getting the bike out of the garage.

They are preparing to celebrate the 21st birthday of the event on Sunday 9th March at the Westshore Esplanade Domain.

All three of these men were involved in the very first Tremains sponsored Corporate Triathlon and over the years have been involved in the event in various capacities as organisers or competitors. Glen Yule is a long standing member of the Hawke’s Bay Multisport Club and was part of the team that won the triathlon in 1992, he says that he is not sure of their chances of repeating that same success in 2014, “It certainly doesn’t seem twenty one years ago that I competed in the first Tremains Corporate Triathlon. It is always a great day enjoyed by all participants, I am looking forward to getting out back out there.” he says.

Colin Stone, CEO of Sport Hawke’s Bay and runner for the originals team says that he has been very pleased with the participation rates in recent years. “It is great to see how the triathlon has grown. Last year we saw 453 teams enter, this year we are hoping to hit the 500 mark with an increase of interest from Hawkes Bay businesses.”  He adds that he is normally involved on the day from an organisational perspective so it will be a nice change to be on the other side as a competitor again.

Chris Tremain, National MP for Napier, is proud to have the Tremain family name associated with the event. “The Tremains Triathlon is one of the largest events of its kind in Hawkes Bay due to overwhelming and ongoing support from loyal sponsors and local businesses. I love the event, the way it brings the community together, and the sense of corporate spirit that it engenders” He adds that this would be at least his 15th Tremain Corporate Triathlon event as a competitor.

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